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February 20, 2018 Program


las cruces massage school Program & Class Schedules


The next program starts February 20, 2018.

Students graduate in only 6 months!


MTTI's Program

MTTI’s Medical Massage Program totals 750 hours of instruction and provides students a broad foundation in massage therapy with an emphasis in assessment and treatment. MTTI’s graduates can apply for work in the growing variety of job opportunities available for licensed massage therapists in spas and resorts, and also the sports, rehabilitation, and healthcare environments.

The integrative design of the classes and our amazing teachers create a nurturing and supportive environment and successful experience for our students. Students graduate prepared for the job market, with a business plan and license in hand to go along with their knowledge, skills, confidence, and passion to help others.


Class Schedules

MTTI’s 6-month Program totals 750 hours of instruction, and is split into 3 classes.

  Class 1 - Anatomy & Physiology

  Class 2 - Hands-On

  Class 3 - Clinical Residency Internship

Students attend all 3 classes each week. Class 1 & 2 are Monday-Friday, from 8:00am -1:15pm. Class 3 offers flexible hours, fitting this class around job and family commitments.


Class Descriptions

Class 1: Anatomy & Physiology. This class consists of in-depth anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, body systems, pathology, pharmacology, applied psychology, ethics, business planning & marketing for workforce readiness, and more. Students learn how and why massage affects the mind and body.

Class 2: Hands-On. Students learn how, where, and when to touch the body in a safe and therapeutic way to relieve pain and promote healing. The Swedish Massage is the foundational modality and the first of 19 modalities students learn. Students develop an understanding of what their hands feel such as where muscle attaches to bone, the placement of arteries, nerves and organs, how pain can travel, the changes taking place in the body because of touch, and why. Students also learn self-care.

Class 3: Clinical Residency Internship. Students receive real job experience in MTTI’s Professional Massage Clinic, interacting with Licensed Massage Therapists. Everything comes together as students apply what they learn by practicing their skills on clients from the public. Students complete 150 massages under the supervision and support of instructors. Students practice assessment and treatment skills, learning to modify each massage based on the client’s history and needs. Students practice medical notation & charting to document the therapy session.

MTTI’s Professional Massage Clinic - Clients provided. Open 7 days a week. Create your own schedule. Professional receptionist. Spa-like waiting room. Individual treatment rooms.


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