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What Makes MTTI Special?

Graduate Workforce Ready

You can become a Massage Therapist in as little as 6 months! MTTI’s medical massage program is a broad and flexible education. Graduates can work in spas, resorts, or health care and sports environments. Students graduate confident and skilled after completing assessment, treatment, and charting on 150 clients under the supervision of an instructor. Students graduate with a business license, business plan, resume, all marketing materials to promote themselves, and ready to apply for jobs or build their own business. Licensed graduates can work as employees in MTTI’s Professional Massage Clinic.

Medical Massage Program

At a medical massage school, licensed massage therapists are considered true health care professionals. A medical massage program prepares students to treat injuries or medical conditions, so it opens doors to work in the health care and sports industries. Students are also prepared to work in the spa and resort industries. MTTI’s diploma qualifies students to work in most states and over 40 countries.

Hands-On Experience

Because of the wide variety of exposure to different styles of massage and real-world job experiences, students graduate from MTTI confident and prepared to step into a career as a professional massage therapist.

Nurturing Environment

Our Instructors have a combined 140+ years of experience and are experts in their fields. Massage school is a transformative journey, and MTTI supports each student’s unique path.

“My experience at MTTI was life changing!

Not only are the professors knowledgeable in their respective fields, the one on one attention is outstanding. I had a choice of several massage schools and I chose MTTI because of the extraordinary curriculum. MTTI encourages the strengths of the individual students and the atmosphere is supportive yet challenging.

I graduated with confidence in my skills as a therapist.”

-Heather Dials

MTTI Graduate

Massage Therapy Training Institute